Established 2003

Berlo is a crossdomain practice dedicated to create Land and Building Value Inheritance and Golden Mean Design Living, using artistic and architectural means and processes. Our master believe is that great projects have strong aesthetic, functional and cultural ideas clad onto a core vision, engaged by both the client and maker, and able to create life and prosperity to the inhabitants and the surrounding community. With each project we push for simplicity and harmony, all with respect for environment and site value, and like establishing relationships that can build and develop future grounds.

Editions: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

The ongoing project series consists of building structures to mark harmony with nature and raise consciousness about egocentric, artificial and eccentric use of human inhabited land.

The medium is local available materials. I look into a few critical characteristics of the object, like relative scale and distance to the surrounding elements, easy path and flow of energy currents, color, light, material harmony and contrast, etc…

22 kraft stools were designed and produced by Berlo for Rampa's "The lower Depths" play by Maxim Gorky

Linocut pressed archetypical life study

Genu - 2016 Ghirdoveni Art Installation

Ludic and Oneiric interpretation of a high raise inhabited building. I imagine here the mix of fear and excitement. Fear of structural soundness against the joy and excitement of inhabiting an architectural skyscraper. Thus, I call this mixed feeling “Untitled Perishable Lightning Rod”, this being one of my artistic studies about Space-Time-Conscience relations and Perishable States of Matter and Mind in the context of Life synergy.